The USS Utah BB-31

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What was the U.S.S Utah?

The USS Utah (BB-31/AG-16) was a battleship of the United States Navy that served in World War I and II. She was the first of two dreadnought battleships of the Utah class and was the only one of her class to be sunk by enemy action, when she was torpedoed by Japanese aircraft during the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

The USS Utah BB-31 pearl harbor history

Recommissioned for Training

The USS Utah BB-31 was demilitarized in 1922 and was outfitted with antiaircraft guns for training purposes. She was then recommissioned in 1932 as the USS Utah AG-16. In 1935 she was modified again with 1.1” / 75 caliber antiaircraft guns for experimental testing.

U.S.S Utah Moved to Pearl Harbor

The USS Utah BB-31 was moved to Pearl Harbor in July of 1941 as part of a U.S. Navy plan to bolster defenses at the base following the Japanese attack on China in 1937. The base had become an important staging ground for U.S. operations in the Pacific, and the Navy wanted to ensure that it was adequately protected. The presence of the Utah, along with other battleships, was meant to serve as a deterrent against any potential invasions.

USS Utah BB-31

Her Final Resting Place

The USS Utah was sunk during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The vessel was struck by several torpedoes and capsized, eventually sinking at her berth. A total of 58 crew members died in the attack.

Who can visit the U.S.S Utah Memorial?

Currently, the USS Utah is not accessible to the general public. It can only be visited by those with Military ID who drive themselves to Ford Island.

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