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Bangor, Michigan

In the heart of southwestern Michigan, Bangor embodies small-town allure and a thriving agricultural legacy. Renowned for its bountiful blueberry farms and scenic surroundings, Bangor invites visitors to experience a peaceful retreat. With a historic downtown and close proximity to attractions like the Kal-Haven Trail, this charming town promises a genuine taste of the quintessential Midwest.
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Blueberry Capital

Bangor proudly claims the title of the "Blueberry Capital of the World," celebrating its thriving blueberry industry and hosting an annual Blueberry Festival.

Kal-Haven Trail Gateway

Serving as a gateway to the Kal-Haven Trail, Bangor offers outdoor enthusiasts a scenic route for hiking and biking adventures.

Historic Railroad Depot

The town features a charming historic railroad depot, reflecting its rich transportation history and adding a nostalgic touch to the local landscape.

Farming Heritage

Bangor's agricultural roots run deep, with numerous family-owned farms dotting the landscape, contributing to the town's picturesque rural charm.

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Official Bangor Tourist Website

If you want more information about everything Bangor has to offer, check out their official tourist website.  
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