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Cookeville, Tennessee
10 Family-Friendly Activities in Cookeville, TN

10 Family-Friendly Activities in Cookeville, TN

TLDR (too long; didn’t read): For a fun-filled game night, visit The Table Board Game Lounge in Cookeville. Dive into their collection of over 600 board games, from classic to contemporary.

In need of some outdoor relaxation? Check out Dogwood Park in downtown Cookeville. From an interactive fountain to the inclusive Heart of the City Playground, it’s the perfect family spot.

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Updated August 25, 2023
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Family-Friendly Activities in Cookeville TN
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1. The Table Board Game Lounge

Paid, Indoors, Experience

The Table Board Game Lounge

The Table Board Game Lounge is a family-owned and operated business located in Cookeville, TN. It’s a unique spot that provides students, individuals, and families a safe and fun environment to gather together and experience the joy of playing games.

The lounge offers an extensive library of over 600 board games and card games, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a novice player or an expert, the variety of games available caters to all skill levels. Playing games is a long-time tradition in the family who owns the business and they’re excited to share that same joy with others.

The lounge offers different admission options, including daily pass, family pass, and monthly memberships, making it easy for everyone to find an option that suits them best. The Table is a place for families and friends to bond, and for anyone who loves games to find a new one or relive a classic experience. Come and join the fun at the Table Board Game Lounge.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 219-9232

Address: 18 W Spring St, Cookeville, TN 38501

2. Cookeville Children’s Theatre

Paid, Indoors, Entertainment, Kid-Oriented

Cookeville Childrens Theatre

The Cookeville Children’s Theatre (CCT) is a community-based organization that began in 1975 as a dream of community members who wanted to provide young people with the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of theatre. Since that first production, thousands of children have participated in performances, both on stage and behind the scenes, and have built lasting friendships, discovered hidden talents, and become part of something bigger than themselves.

The theatre is dedicated to providing artistically excellent productions that foster creativity, self-discovery, critical thinking, and peer collaboration, as well as social interaction and moral character development in young people. CCT’s commitment is to not just engage the audience but also the community through education and outreach programs.

Contact Information

Phone Number: ​​(931) 319-2809

Address: 46 S Cedar Ave, Cookeville, TN 38501

3. Cream City Ice Cream

Paid, Indoors, Date Night, Experience

Cream City Ice Cream

Cream City Ice Cream and Coffee House, is a family-owned business located in Cookeville, TN, proudly serving the community since 2011. It’s known for its charming nostalgic atmosphere and its delicious homemade ice creams and locally roasted coffee, making it a perfect date night location.

The ice cream shop offers over 40 unique and delicious flavors of rich, creamy ice cream, handmade waffle cones, and a full coffee menu, that is sure to satisfy any taste. They also have a walk-up window that makes it easy to get a cold treat and a hot coffee on the go. You can find out more information on each flavor and by visiting their website.

For Tennessee Tech students, they also offer a special promotion of 10% off your entire purchase when you show your student ID. The shop has a rich history dating back to the late 1890s and it’s an integral part of the community. Discover the story of Cream City’s journey and how it has become the iconic place it is today. 

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 528-2732

Address: 119 W Broad St, Cookeville, TN 38501

4. Dogwood Park

Free, Outdoors, Park

Dogwood Park

Dogwood Park is a downtown oasis located at 30 East Broad Street, across from the Cookeville Municipal Building. It’s a great spot for picnics, leisurely walks and relaxation. The park is managed by the Cookeville Department of Leisure Services and Public Facilities.

The park features an interactive fountain, performance pavilion, rose garden, seasonal concession stand, restroom facilities and the Heart of the City Playground, which is the only all-inclusive, fully accessible playground in the area. Visitors can enjoy the refreshing splash of the fountain April through October.

Dogwood Park is a perfect place for families to spend a day out, take a stroll, and enjoy the fresh air. The green space offers an ideal place to relax, exercise and enjoy the scenery. The playground is fenced-in and accessible for children of all abilities. With plenty of shade and seating available, it’s a great spot for a picnic or to simply enjoy nature in the heart of the city. For the more ambitious nature lovers out there, consider checking out our list of the best waterfalls near Cookeville.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 520-4386

Address: 30 E Broad St, Cookeville, TN 38501


5. Highland 12 Movie Theater

Paid, Indoors, Entertainment

Highland 12 Movie Theater

The Highland 12 Movie Theater is a state-of-the-art AMC cineplex that offers 3D and jumbo digital screens showing first-run films, opera productions, and sports events. The theater is clean and well-maintained, with 12 different viewing rooms that usually all show something different. The seats are comfortable and the theater is wheelchair accessible.

In addition to the movies, they also offer a variety of refreshments to enjoy while you watch your film. At the concessions, you can find the good old buttery popcorn and self-serve Coca-Cola drink dispensers with mixable flavor options, Come enjoy a show at Highland 12 Movie Theater, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the latest films with friends and family.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 526-4422

Address: 1181 S Jefferson Ave, Cookeville, TN 38506

6. Cookeville Depot Museum

Free, Indoors/Outdoors, Historical

Cookeville Depot Museum

The Cookeville Depot Museum is a must-see attraction for those interested in railway history and the impact of transportation on the Upper Cumberland area. The museum, which is located in the heart of Cookeville’s historic west side district, is open to the public every Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm and admission is FREE.

Originally built in 1909, the museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and offers a glimpse into the past through its collection of Tennessee Central Railway artifacts, including an HO scale replica of what Cookeville’s west side looked like in the summer of 1955. The replica features a coal tipple and a model train loading up with coal, adding to the historical ambiance of the museum.

The grounds surrounding the museum are also open to visitors, where they can see a 1913 Baldwin steam engine, 1920’s classic red caboose, 1960’s caboose, and two small track cars. The area is equipped with picnic tables and benches, providing a great spot for a picnic and a relaxing stroll.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 528-8570

Address: 116 W Broad St, Cookeville, TN 38501


7. Bowling World

Paid, Indoors, Sports, Experience

Bowling World

Bowling World, located at 545 Neal St in Cookeville, TN, is a premier entertainment destination in the city. Established in 1999, it boasts 32 synthetic lanes with automatic scoring, catering to experienced and novice bowlers. In addition to individual or open bowling, the facility also offers reservations for parties and corporate events.

The on-site restaurant, The Gutter Grill, offers a menu of classic American fare, including burgers, pizza, salads, and a selection of beverages. The facility is open to all ages, providing a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s an excellent spot for families or groups of friends to spend a good time, whether it’s just a casual or organized bowling competition.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 528-5551

Address: 545 Neal St, Cookeville, TN 38501

8. The Slice Pizza and Games

Paid, Indoors, Experience

The Slice Pizza and Games

The Slice Pizza & Games is a family-owned and operated business that offers a unique combination of handcrafted pizza and arcade games. The establishment features over 20 arcade games and a modern electronic card redemption system that appeals to customers of all ages.

In addition to its arcade offering, The Slice Pizza & Games also serves a menu of delicious, handcrafted pizza. The dough is made from scratch daily and the Mozzarella cheese is grated fresh every morning, ensuring the freshest and most delicious pizza possible. The Slice also has draft and bottled beers, as well as wine available for adults. If Pizza is not your thing, check out our list of the best barbecue restaurants in Cookeville.

The Slice Pizza & Games is open to families and customers of all ages. It’s a welcoming and inclusive space and is perfect for hosting parties and special occasions. The Slice Pizza & Games is a good spot for families or a group of friends to spend a fun and memorable time with delicious pizza and fun arcade games.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 651-1332

Address: 408 W Jackson St, Cookeville, TN 38501

9. Thrive Family Fun Center

Paid, Indoors, Sports, Experience

Thrive Family Fun Center

Thrive Family Fun Center, located in Cookeville, TN, is a locally owned and operated entertainment venue that is dedicated to providing a safe environment for families to gather and have fun. The center offers a variety of attractions that cater to a wide range of ages and interests, such as trampolines, basketball hoops on trampolines, dodgeball, kids’ jump areas, boulder climbing walls, nerf wars, a ninja warrior course, arcade games, large foam pit, gelly ball, a toddler room and fitness classes.

Thrive Family Fun Center is a great spot for families, friends and groups to spend a fun and active time, also they offer different events options, such as group rates, birthday parties, private events, lock-ins, field trips, and fundraising opportunities to suit different needs. It’s a fun center that’s dedicated to providing fun and fitness, so everyone can enjoy and benefit from it. 

Contact Information

Phone Number: (931) 854-1455

Address: 400 Dubois Rd Suite A21, Cookeville, TN 38501

10. Imagine Foundry

Paid, Indoors, Kid-Oriented

Imagine Foundry

Imagine Foundry is a makerspace in Cookeville, TN, designed specifically for families. It’s a place where children and their families can come together to imagine, design and create, access experts and professionals, find their passion and develop grit, and share and collaborate with others.

The mission of Imagine Foundry is to help each child find a passion through imagination, creativity, and innovation, while also developing self-confidence, determination, and resilience. They believe in empowering children to build a better world.

At Imagine Foundry, children have the opportunity to make discoveries, design prototypes, build and construct, solve problems, make mistakes and find solutions, and think outside-the-box. With access to open maker labs, and discounts on specialized labs, parties and other events, Imagine Foundry is an ideal place for children to be inspired, find their passions and collaborate with others.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (615) 784-3332

Address: 1225 S Willow Ave, Cookeville, TN 38506

Cookeville Activity FAQ

Which activities in Cookeville are free?

Below are a few of the best free activities in Cookeville, TN.
Dogwood Park
Cookeville Depot Museum
Exploring the many nearby waterfalls

What are the best indoor activities in Cookeville?

Below are a few of the best indoor activities in Cookeville, TN.
The Table Board Game Lounge
Bowling World
Thrive Family Fun Center

What are the best outdoor activities in Cookeville?

Below are a few of the best outdoor activities in Cookeville, TN.
Dogwood Park
Cane Creek Park
Cummings Falls State Park

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